Lisa Givens

Lisa Givens (she/her)

Chair | Chief Executive, Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre
Joined YTAS in 2019
Ages catered for: Lisa has worked in participatory youth arts since 2005, and has a strong belief in the difference that the arts can make to the lives of children and young people. Lisa worked for a number of years as a youth theatre practitioner and director, and has since carried out creative learning and engagement roles within the Arts Development team at CultureNL, and in managing the Creative Learning department at Aberdeen Performing Arts. Her work has allowed her to develop a number of opportunities for children and young people across Scotland and engage with a range of families and communities through participatory arts. Lisa is delighted to be part of the board of YTAS, after almost a decade of attending events delivered by the team, and is excited about being part of a board which is active in inspiring so many young people through youth theatre.