Tue 24 Sep 2024: 2:00PM
Children in Scotland

Building Resilience: Empowering Yourself and Supporting Young People

Venue: Online
Prices: £55 – £65

This training is for anyone working within the children’s sector.

Resilience is key to a strong workforce, as well as a key element in personal wellbeing.

Drawing on recent research into the core behaviours that are associated with increased resilience, this training will explore resilience building as a learned skill that anyone at any life stage can develop, including you and/or the young people you support.

This training will introduce practical models, tools and strategies that can be used to support you to bounce back from challenges, manage pressure, navigate changes, and look ahead to the future.

Whilst a lack of resilience can lead to increased staff turnover, higher levels of absence and low morale, learning how to build resilience empowers you to thrive, not just survive, and model these strategies to any young people you may support in your role.

Key Learning

  • Define what we mean by resilience by exploring research, models and neuroscience concepts
  • Understand how resilience is a learned skill that we can all develop throughout our lives
  • Explore the research-based pillars of resilience model, developed by Dr Arielle Schwartz
  • Use a strengths-based model to take stock of resources we already have available in our lives that can help us build resilience
  • Consider new strategies and tools to support you to bounce back from challenges and function well
  • Throughout the training, consider how you can use this learning to support children and young people


Jan Montgomery brings a wealth of experience as an accomplished therapist, proficient in positive change, providing training, psychotherapy, consulting, and coaching services that empower adults in their crucial roles. Jan’s holistic approach is warm, engaging, and informative.

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