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Ambitious performances and radical works-in-progress from the best young theatre-makers.

Chrysalis showcases engaging, challenging, and high quality work from young companies across Scotland and beyond. With a performance programme curated by a Consortium of industry specialists, the festival is the only platform of its kind in Scotland, offering a fresh experience for audiences new to youth theatre arts.

We’re currently planning the next steps for the festival, so contact us for more information.

Thursday Nov 15th 2018
— Saturday Nov 17th 2018

Chrysalis 2018

Junges Ensemble Marabu There is a Globe Stuck in my Throat Thu 15 November 2018 Traverse Theatre Edinburgh ∏ photographer Andy Catlin 8851
Friday Nov 17th 2017
— Sunday Nov 19th 2017

Chrysalis 2017

There is a Light Brightlight – Contact Young Company Fri 17 Nov 2017 Traverse Edinburgh photographer Andy Catlin 1790
Friday Nov 18th 2016
— Sunday Nov 20th 2016

Chrysalis 2016

CLUB Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre Fri 18 November 2016 Chrysalis Traverse Theatre Edinburgh photographer Andy Catlin 2496
Friday Nov 6th 2015
— Saturday Nov 7th 2015

Chrysalis 2015

YTAS Chrysalis 2015 creditRobinMitchell 308