Thu 7 Mar 2024: 2:00PM
Federation of Scottish Theatre

Disability Equality Training

Venue: Online
Prices: Free

Disability Equality Training (DET) is disability-led, informed by lived experience, and looks at disability from a cultural context. This helps participants to connect to the content and ground their learning in real life examples & practices. DET is different from disability awareness training which focuses on impairments and impairment specific advice, whereas DET still gives practical advice but also gives participants a broader perspective & knowledge. This helps participants to make informed decisions moving forward after the training.  

This DET package covers topics including: 

  • Cultural representation – How disability is viewed and its impact 
  • Models of disability and how they are used 
  • Legislation & Activism – Where we’ve been and how we got here. 
  • Individualism & Statistics 
  • Language  
  • Mitigating Barriers 

The session is 2.5 hours long and includes at least two breaks of five minutes each. Zoom captioning is available. The training includes some interaction, but this is optional.

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