Sat 21 Jan 2023: 10:00AM
The Acting Lab

Dundee Improv Workshops

Venue: Abertay University, Dundee
Prices: £145 (+ Eventbrite fee) | Concessionary rate £125 (+ Eventbrite fee)

A fear-busting fun, friendly eight session course to boost your confidence, creativity and spontaneity in a structured and supportive environment.

DATES: Saturday mornings for eight weeks, beginning 21 January 2023 (10am – 12.30pm).
VENUE: Abertay University, Dundee. All welcome (18+)

Without a doubt there’s never been a better time to try Improv. We need to be flexible and understand how to form and maintain positive human connections. Improv skills can help with all of this.

So, this New Year, try our fear-busting fun and friendly eight week course of workshops to boost your confidence, creativity and spontaneity. They will use professional training techniques, exercises and games to fire your imagination and progressively explore and build skills to develop teamwork, listening, making and accepting offers, character and emotion work, creating scenes and stories step-by-step in a structured, friendly and supportive environment. The principles you learn in improv can be extremely beneficial in your professional and personal life.

These workshops are suitable for complete beginners and experienced improvisers. There will be fresh and progressive content for those who have attended previous Improv events with us – no two Improv classes are ever the same.

*Myth-busting!* You don’t have to be fast, funny or a natural performer to enjoy and be good at Improv. We each bring a brick and – together – we build a cathedral.

“The fun is always on the other side of a Yes.” – Martin De Maat

Everyone! People with experience of Improv and those who’ve never tried it before: actors, non-actors, performers, comedians, poets, business people, teachers, sales/marketing professionals and absolutely anyone who wants to improve their confidence, relationships and communication skills.

* It builds confidence
* It helps you make friends
* It helps you be flexible and think on your feet
* It helps you take risks and challenge your fears
* It teaches you to be more mindful and be really present
* It helps you find time to play and go with the flow
* It helps you to not take yourself too seriously
* It makes you a better listener
* It makes you more spontaneous and creative

Fees: £145 (+ Eventbrite fee) | A special concessionary rate is available to those for whom cost would be a barrier due to the cost of living crisis: £125 (+ Eventbrite fee)

For further information, please contact or visit


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