Wed 20 Sep 2023: 10:00AM
Culture Collective

International Perspectives (4): Tensai Art Kyoto

Venue: Online
Prices: Free

What might experiences from community-rooted work around the world teach us about creative projects here in Scotland?

For this Culture Collective International Perspectives event, they will be joined by Tensai (‘genius’) Art Kyoto, a nonprofit organization promoting artistic activities of disabled people in Kyoto, Japan.

This event will be Chaired by Megumi Barrington-Uenoyama (from the Culture Collective project Creative Islands Network) in conversation with Mr. Kadoya (Chairperson of Tensai Art Kyoto) and Mrs. Tomita (Director of Tensai Art Kyoto and parent of one of the organisation’s artists).

The event will explore themes including:

  • Arts and disability
  • The power of art for wellbeing and connection
  • Reconnecting through culture after a crisis (2011 Tōhoku earthquake / Covid pandemic)

This event will be presented in English and Japanese. The first part of the event will be a pre-recorded video, in spoken Japanese with English subtitles. The second part of the event will be a live Q&A with English translation. There will be live captions, in English, for all live elements of the event.

About the International Perspectives series

An occasional series throughout 2022 and 2023, the International Perspectives series will introduce organisations and practitioners working in community-led creative projects across the world. Hosted by Culture Collective, and featuring performance, discussion and open Q&A, these events aim to widen our perspectives and introduce new approaches to community, creativity and social change.

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