Tue 16 Apr 2024: 6:30PM
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Performance Course

Venue: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 100 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3DB
Prices: £175

Tue 16 April – Tue 4 June 2024, 6.30pm – 8.30pm • £175

This eight week course is designed to allow participants to explore, understand and gain meditation tools that can enhance performance. Through training our focus, learning how to minimise distractions and manage anxiety, performances become more enjoyable and enable us to perform to a higher level more consistently.

The course also encourages performers to find supportive and healthy strategies that impact their wellbeing to recover from stress and pressure. This course is ideal for both performers with no previous mindfulness experience or introductory experience in applying the tools to a performance environment.

During the course you will:

* examine the use and practical application of mindfulness in a life within the performing arts;
* understand the scientific model of reoccurring stress and anxiety;
* develop your knowledge of mindfulness meditation practices to improve health, wellbeing and performance.

The content will focus on the official eight week Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction course and will include:

• Learning about the seven attitudinal foundations of Mindfulness
• Regulation and management of emotions
• Scientific understanding of stress
• Interpersonal Mindfulness
• Responding versus Reacting
• Lifestyle choices
• Perception

For further information, please contact m.ross2@rcs.ac.uk or visit https://www.rcs.ac.uk/short-courses/mindfulness-for-wellbeing-and-performance/.

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