Sun 7 Apr 2024: 1:00PM

PLAY MY WAY – An Introduction to Clown and Play

Venue: The Old Toll Bar, 1 Paisley Road, Glasgow, G51 1LF
Prices: £50 Early Bird | £60

An introduction to clown, idiocy and play, taught by Scottish Gaulier-trained performer and theatre-maker Izzy Stott of SOMEWHERE BETWEEN.

Following the success of the SILLY BITCH series in Oslo, Edinburgh and Glasgow, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN is back with a new workshop. Come and learn about playfulness and clowning in this three hour workshop – see that you can be both a powerful human and a beautiful idiot!

Suitable for all humans that want to learn about what makes them uniquely ridiculous, experienced performers or not. Taught by Scottish Gaulier-trained performer, director and clown Izzy Stott, this workshop will be an introduction to clown, which will help you discover your own innocent idiocy through a series of games and exercises. The purpose of this workshop is to create a safe space to play, explore and discover their ridiculousness. Please come with an open mind and heart.

Izzy Stott is an award-winning Scottish performer, theatre maker and singer. Having trained in contemporary performance, physical theatre and clown, Izzy works as a solo artist, is the creator of YOLK and the artistic director of Glasgow based production company, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN. She co-produces the southside’s monthly absurd cabaret, SHIITAKE NIGHTS.

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN is a creative production company based in Glasgow, working with new, innovative theatre and absurd comedy. They create, produce, facilitate, host and teach. They believe in theatre for all, and specialise in working with marginalised groups in society, helping the wider community to communicate and share. They like work that is ridiculous, bold, beautiful, honest, with a strong sense of personality. They are somewhere between sanity and madness, sensible and silly… and they like it that way!

1pm-4pm, Sun 7 April 2024 | Downstairs at The Old Toll Bar, 1 Paisley Road, Glasgow, G51 1LF

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