Wed 22 Nov 2023: 1:00PM

Puppetry Workshop

Venue: Surge, 51 Cadogan St, Glasgow, G2 7HF
Prices: Free

The main learning will be in puppetry – making and manipulation – and in how to work with Near Field Contact Chips.

Wed 22 November 2023, 1pm – 2.30pm at Surge, 51 Cadogan St, Glasgow, G2 7HF

Workshop members will have the chance to create a very simple group puppet. They will also teach you how to programme simple instructions into NFC Chips and to include the chips in their creation.

As a team, our devising process uses the materials and individuals available to us on any given day. With no preconceived ideas of the end result, we follow what we discover on the way. Use of a randomiser is also helpful in decision making and can lead projects down unexpected paths. Creation within the workshop will follow the same process. Workshop members will have the chance to follow how they feel, and what works with the others around them, with possible guidance from the randomiser, as they create.

For further information, please contact, call 0141 248 6910 or visit



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