Fri 1 Sep 2023: 7:00PM
Sanctuary Queer Arts & Federation of Scottish Theatre

Sanctuary Social: An LGBTQIA+ Arts Workers Meet Up

Venue: 37 — 45 Saltmarket, Glasgow, G1 5NA
Prices: Free

Sanctuary Socials are a chance for artists and arts workers from Scotland’s LGBTQIA+ community to get together, get some peer support and share in some queer joy.

The first social will take place at Glasgow’s BONJOUR on Fri 1 September 2023 at 7pm. Drinks will be available from the bar, and there’ll be free tea, coffee and snacks. It’s free to attend – you just need to register in advance.

Sanctuary Socials are agenda-free gatherings for artists and arts workers from the LGBTQIA+ community over the age of 18 and living in Scotland. Nothing is expected of you beyond showing up, and how the space is used is up to you. Maybe you’re looking to connect with your peers, meet some potential new collaborators as you discuss an idea, or maybe you just fancy a drink with the pals you’ve come with in a room filled with, and centering, queer humans.

This is a pilot project and will evolve according to the interests and needs of those who attend. In the first instance, our priority is to be as accessible and safe as we can be. The plan is for Sanctuary Socials to pop up in different locations throughout Scotland, including sober spaces, online, and outside.

The purpose of the social is to make space for people to come together and exist joyfully, and acknowledges that there is always room for more queer-centric spaces to be created, especially within our current social climate. Sanctuary Socials respect and celebrate all genders and sexualities, and we ask that attendees do the same.

Sanctuary Socials are organised by Drew Taylor-Wilson (Sanctuary Queer Arts) and Harry Mould (Federation of Scottish Theatre). |

For those who require support to attend – whether that’s help with the cost of travel, an interpreter, or anything else – they have limited funds available on a first-come, no-questions-asked basis.

They will do their utmost to ensure these socials are as accessible and safe as possible. They will always be free to attend, in spaces that do not restrict physical access, and they aim to work with suitable venues that are LGBTQIA+ owned, whenever able.

BSL interpreters can be provided, and they welcome support workers regardless of whether they identify as LGBTQIA+. If you require a BSL interpreter, please let they know at least two weeks before the event so that they can arrange one for you.

Please contact Harry at with any questions or access requirements.

For further information, please contact (Harry Mould) or visit

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