Wed 1 Nov 2023: 6:00PM
YouthLink Scotland

Scottish Youth Work Leaders Forum

Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow, Argyle Street, G2 8DL
Prices: £48 + £4.72 Fee

The Scottish Youth Work Leaders Forum is open to all members of the Local Authority Youth Work Managers (LAYWM) network and all members of the National Voluntary Youthwork Organisations Scotland (NYVOS) network

This event will provide an opportunity to:

1. Explore current policy, practice and workforce development issues with peers and other stakeholders. 

2. Engage with and shape Government initiatives at an early stage to ensure the role of the Youth Work sector is recognised and evident. 

3. Provide a collective voice for the Youth Work sector in Scotland.

The topics to be explored include: Health & Wellbeing, Investment in Youth Work, Skills & Achievement, The Promise and the role of Youth Work.

Participating in this Scottish Youth Work Leaders Forum can be recorded as six hours of Professional Learning time, which can contribute to the 35 hours per year (pro rata) required for membership of the CLD Standards Council, another professional body, or your own learning and development plan. 

When recording your professional learning you may want to reflect on your development from this event in relation to the relevant CLD Competences and CLD Ethics.

For further information and assistance, contact Gillian Lithgow:

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