Sun 28 May 2023: 11:00AM
Shifting Sands Theatre

Shifting Sands Theatre: Clown Workshop Play and Physical Comedy

Venue: Wee Hub, Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ

When we play, we are full of energy, alert, spontaneous. We look for playfulness in others, listen to creative impulses in ourselves. And we have fun! – lots of it.

Wee Hub, Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ
Sat 28 May 2023, 11am – 3pm • Sun 28 May 2023, 11am – 5.30pm
When playing we tend not to judge ourselves. Playing involves accepting then enjoying our stupidity. It’s a serious business! This workshop will offer ways in which the performer can use play to discover firstly, their own physical expressiveness and stupidity and secondly, how to use this to establish a direct, playful relationship with the audience.

Gerry Flanagan is Artistic Director of Shifting Sands Theatre, founded in 1998 to create and tour clown theatre that is both comic and moving. The company encourages the development of new talent via teaching and performance projects.

For further information, please contact (Gerry Flanagan), or call 07751 996864 or visit


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