Tue 21 Nov 2023: 2:00PM
Just Enterprise

Steps to Net Zero Webinar Series 2: Travel

Venue: Online
Prices: Free

Just Enterprise is partnering with Growing Climate Confidence to deliver a series of five webinars to help social enterprises and Third Sector organisations on their journey to Net Zero.

They know that learning about climate change and net zero can be overwhelming, so join us in hearing from subject experts what practical steps you can take and learn from the experiences of Third Sector organisations like yours who are a little further along the journey. Got a burning question? Then submit it to the Q and A and gain the clarity you need to go forward with confidence.

Webinar 2 – Travel (Tue 21 November 2023, 2pm – 3pm)

Did you know that travel is often the largest source of carbon emissions for small organisations?

How (and when) we travel can have a big environmental impact, but there are some simple, practical steps you can take to reduce this as far as possible.

Join this webinar to learn more from our expert speaker about what you can do to reduce your travel emissions and hear from another Third Sector organisation about their experience.

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