Sat 13 Jul 2024: 1:00PM
New International Performing Arts Institute

Summer Residence: International Physical Theatre Lab & Conference

Venue: Laubegg 1, 8413 Laubegg, Austria
Prices: See website for details

This programme features intensive physical theatre workshops, lectures, and forums with the renowned Ostrenko Brothers, alongside the IUGTE annual International Conference. It brings together performing arts academics and practitioners from around the world. To explore physical acting as your primary creative tool, fill out the application form.

More about the venue:

Ostrenko Lab Programme

The Ostrenko brothers’ approach integrates theory and practice to create innovative performances. It provides performers and directors with a comprehensive understanding of how to develop novel productions or adapt classical material. The method emphasizes hands-on guidance, blending traditional and modern techniques in the study of physical actions.

Conference Programme

The conference includes practical workshops, presentations, lectures, and discussions led by performing arts professionals. It offers a full-day program with breaks for meals and between sessions. Registered participants will receive a detailed schedule. The conference’s language is English.

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Arrival: 13 July from 1pm First group meeting at 5pm.

Departure: 22 July at 9am.

13 July: Group arrival and check-in from 1pm, followed by a short tour and an introductory meeting.

14-17 July: Morning warm-up, practical training with the Ostrenko brothers, and evening activities including lectures and discussions.

18 July: Morning to afternoon practical training, followed by the IUGTE Conference opening in the evening.

19-21 July: Full-day conference programme with practical workshops, presentations, and discussions.

22 July: Breakfast followed by check-out and departure.

Learn more about the tuition fee for the 10-day programme and early bird fees at


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