Sat 25 Mar 2023: 10:00AM
Scottish Arts Open Space

What Are We Going To Do To Make the Arts (and Artists) Flourish in Scotland, Today and In the Future? Open Space Event

Venue: The Point, 180 Queens Drive, Glasgow, G42 8QD
Prices: £0 – £15

An open space event by arts workers for arts workers.

The arts are in crisis in Scotland. After more than a decade of austerity, those with on-the-ground experience of making the art (the dancers, the writers, the designers, the producers, the technicians, the stage managers, the scenic painters, the conductors, the directors, the actors…) are feeling disconnected and marginalised. This is an event to discuss what we can do to ensure that the arts don’t just survive the current overlapping crises, but thrive on the other side of it. It is especially crucial that we build on the recent reversal to the arts cut and not become complacent.

This event is not the beginning of the solution and will not be the end. Rather, it is an open-minded, action-oriented site for arts workers to discuss what we can do right now to combat the challenges to the arts. They do not pretend that they can solve everything without engaging other agents in our sector and our society at large. The sector is divided right now, and this is exacerbated by the daily fight for survival. This event seeks to be a place where people can come together and share, listen and find common ground and common understanding. They have specifically chosen to make this an in-person event to facilitate this kind of connection, but they intend to hold further such events, in other cities and online. 

The event will use Open Space technology, by which the topics for discussion are proposed by the people in the room. That’s you. So if you like, turn up with a question in mind. Each attendee can gravitate toward the discussions with which they wish to engage. The day begins with a full-group guide to the day ahead and ends with another gathering of everybody in which action points are proposed.

They are hopeful for the future. But only if we act. This is intended as an event in which we can grapple with difficulties, but to do so in a supportive place, together.

Anyone who is interested in and/or has something they’d like to offer toward this question. This event is specifically intended to provide a space for freelance arts workers who have been atomised and de-centred. That is ALL arts workers, on and off stage, veterans and newbies.

But we are in this together, not just as a sector, but as a society. Are you an administrator? You are welcome. Are you an audience member? You are welcome. Board member? Welcome. Artistic director? Welcome. Funder? Welcome. … Get the idea?

They are a group of arts workers, mostly freelancers, who met around this idea. They have initiated this particular event, but are very keen for this group to grow as such conversations expand.

Vickie Beesley, Oliver Emanuel, Jim Manganello, Adura Onashile, Anna Orton, Emma Jayne Park, Jamie Wardrop, Snap-Elastic, Rob Willoughby.

Sat 25 March 2023, 10am – 6pm
The Point, 180 Queens Drive, Glasgow, G42 8QD.

You must reserve a place on Eventbrite.

They will take donations on a sliding scale. There is a free option open to all, no questions asked. This money will contribute toward hall hire, materials, tea/coffee and biscuits, and accessibility requirements. If any funds are left over, they will contribute toward future events, which they hope to render more inclusive. You are invited to pay what you can, but our guidance is this:

£0 Free option.

£2 Freelancer with no or little work.

£5 Freelancer with work lined up.

£10 Salaried worker (but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!).

£15 I’m attending this event on the clock. Or… it is a pleasure to contribute this amount.

The Point has step-free entry, a lift, and accessible toilets. BSL interpreters will be present. There will be a quiet space. While multiple conversations will occur in the main hall, there are separate spaces for quieter conversations.

Queen’s Park (Glasgow) station is around the corner (.2 miles). Nearby buses are 3, 38 (B, C, E), 57A, 4A, 5, 6, 34. More information is available on The Point’s website here.

For this first event, unfortunately they cannot cover travel expenses. They are committed to making future events more accessible.

Any questions or want to talk something through. Get in touch at

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