Mon 3 Apr 2023: 2:00PM
Tron Theatre

Write it Out with Bee Asha

Venue: Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5HB
Prices: £7 | £8.50 | £10

Join award-winning spoken word artist and co-founder of The Spit it Out Project, Bee Asha, to discuss using creative outlets to talk about difficult subjects, emotions and healing.

Part of the Tron Theatre’s BUILD programme (Apr-Jul 2023)
Mon 3 April 2023, 2pm

Asha will help you tackle difficult conversations and provide creative tools to tap into your emotions and coping abilities. She will share her own personal creative work and talk about how this outlet has helped her be open about her traumas and find power in the pain.

Bee Asha is a spoken word artist born and living in Edinburgh. Between rap and poetry her work is a cathartic outlet that she uses to explore themes of sexuality, trauma and gender equality, characterised by an openness to talk about her lived experiences.

In 2019 Asha starred in the BBC documentary, Spit it Out, and in 2021 she co-founded award winning charity, The Spit it Out Project, released her debut album From Girl to Men, won the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMA) Best Newcomer Award and was featured in the YWCA’s 30 under 30s.

NOTE: All paid for workshops are eligible for Pay What You Want. As everyone’s circumstances are different, they’re aiming to make our programme of work more accessible. There is a minimum price that they can offer and one that is slightly higher, for those who can afford to pay a little extra to help support the work that they do. They also have a limited number of free spaces on offer, in response to the cost of living crisis.

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