Join us for the YTAS Wellbeing Challenge!

Summer is almost upon us and the time has come to stretch your legs and take those weary, aching bones out into the world.

The #YTASWellbeingChallenge invites you to breathe new life into surroundings that might have become stale during lockdown and travel restrictions. We’ve curated a playlist of stimulating and energising podcasts, offering food for your ears and your mind whilst you pound the pavement or venture off the beaten track in your local area.

Each day for 14 days, you’ll hear new perspectives, creative ideas, challenging topics and see the potential for new stories to emerge from familiar spaces. And you’ll get some fresh air too, which is nice. 

Share your adventures on Twitter or Instagram using #YTASWellbeingChallenge, and any epiphanies you may have had relating to your creative practice along the way.

Here’s all the links you need for the first week. If you want to go faster or slower than the suggested dates, or mix it up a bit, that’s totally fine. We’ll post the links for week two nearer the time.

If you want to record your experience of the #YTASWellbeingChallenge, we’ve also made a journal to help you to reflect on how the challenge influenced your wellbeing.

DateWhat we’re listening to…ThemeLengthLinks
Tue 1 JunWalking Meditation
Mind to Walk: Paths for All
Focus20 minsSpotify
Wed 2 JunFirsts
Beginnings26 minsSpotify
Thu 3 JunDead Lift by Stef Smith
Earwig: Tron Theatre
Create15 minsSpotify
Fri 4 JunClass prejudice in the cultural sector:has the pandemic made it worse?
CC Skills Podcast
Pathways40 minsSpotify
Sat 5 JunKarine Polwort
Scotland Outdoors
Inspiration29 minsSpotify
Sun 6 JunSpotlight on the Sector: Morna McGeoch
Youth Theatre Arts Scotland
Reach23 minsSoundcloud
Mon 7 JunBriana Pegado
The Braw and the Brave
Values1 hour 2 minsSpotify
Tue 8 JunBernadine Evaristo
Desert Island Discs
Impact37 minsSpotify
Wed 9 JunTaking Space
hidden route and Hayley Blakeman
Safety55 minsSoundcloud
Thu 10 JunEclipse
The Allusionist
Language30 minsSpotify
Fri 11 JunWho Belongs to Scotland?
Anti-Racist Educator
Diversity52 minsiTunes
Sat 12 JunA walk through Caledonian pinewoods in summer
Paths For All
Nature35 minsWeb
Sun 13 JunHow to Fail: Mo Gawdat
Elizabeth Day
Failure1 hourSpotify
Mon 14 JunHope
Ghost Shows
Hope1 hourSpotify


Journal for week one
Journal for week two


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