Birds of Paradise: BOP Writers

Closing date: Mon 30 Jan 2023: 8am

BOP Writers is a collective space where disabled playwrights of any level of experience will be able to come together to share their work with a supportive group of like-minded individuals. If you identify as disabled and are interested in developing your skills as a playwright, then BOP Writers could be exactly what you’re looking for.

This group will be a friendly place where you can try out different writing tasks to develop your skills and get feedback, thoughts and supportive criticism on what you’ve written and give the same to others. This will be a group where it’s safe to try new things with your writing and to chat with other disabled writers about what works for them and what they’ve learned.

The sessions will be facillitated by autistic playwright Nelly Kelly.

There are three groups as part of BOP Writers:

Group 1
This group will be focused on earlier stage writing and developing of craft, with different tasks to help develop ideas, characters, structure and story. Ideal for if you feel like you want to dig a bit deeper into the craft of writing, feel like you’re not sure where to start, feel a bit nervous to share your writing with others or generally just feel like you are at an earlier stage of your writing journey and want more hands on support to develop your work.

Group 2
This group will be much more lead by the group participants, and will be better suited to people who have written for the stage before, and/or have studied the craft of playwrighting/creative writing already and want to focus on developing their play ideas and/or existing drafts of work. This group will be much more focused on mutual sharing and responding to the writing work of others in development within the group.

Group 3
This group will be for folks at any stage of development and is suited to people who would prefer to be at an in person session, as opposed to online.

Playwrights with any level of experience are welcome at the BOP Writers. You may have written a number of plays or you may be at the very start of writing your first play – but you must have a keen interest in writing for the stage.

If you are a writer of other artforms (such as literature or poetry) then this writers group is not for you.

Other eligibility criteria include:
– You must identify as D/deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent
– You must have a home base in Scotland
– You must be aged over 18 by Mon 13 March 2023
– People in full or part time education are eligible to apply

Deadline: 8am, Mon 30 January 2023

For further information, please contact or visit

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Closing date: Mon 30 Jan 2023: 8am