Birds of Paradise: Youth Arts Consultants (YACs)

Closing date: Mon 1 Aug 2022: 12am

Birds of Paradise is seeking young disabled people to join its team of Youth Arts Consultants (YACs).

Fee: £30 per hour

The YACs are a group of young disabled artists who provide accessibility training and consultancy to the creative industries, to improve the accessibility for disabled people in engaging in arts activities. Examples of the type of work the YACs carry out includes:

– Disability Equality Training: YACs deliver Birds of Paradise’s Disability Equality Training (DET) presentation to organisations that book it. DET can be delivered in-person and online.
– Access audits: The YACs review an organisation’s services (websites, printed materials or physical spaces) to understand how accessible they are, and identify if they present any barriers to disabled people. The YACs then compile a report highlighting where the good practice is, and where there is room for building on the accessibility. This work can be delivered online or in-person, depending on the specifics of the job.
– Alt-texting: Images online are only accessible to blind/visually impaired people if they have an alt-text description. The YACs can audit a website and provide alt-text for any images that do not already have it.

For this intake, we are especially keen to recruit people who have a particular interest in delivering our Disability Equality Training packages.

People who apply to become a YAC do not need to have any previous experience with this type of work. Training will be provided to all new YACs before they will be expected to undertake any work. Find out more about the YACs here.

“Being part of the Youth Art Consultant team is a very eye opening experience. The work we do is important, innovative, interesting and it really makes a difference.” (Jack Hunter)
“I have really enjoyed helping make things more accessible such as websites and I feel that I am making a difference.” (Amy McAinsh)

When a client contacts BOP with an offer of work, they contact the YACs to see who is available to take on the work. Depending on who is available, the work is then assigned to specific people.

If a YAC is unavailable to work on a specific job, this is totally fine – they expect that YACs will have other commitments, and that working on YAC projects might not always be a priority for them.

For further information, please contact or visit

Closing date: Mon 1 Aug 2022: 12am