BUZZ Network: Artists’ Lab 4: Diverse Voices in Youth Theatre

Closing date: Tue 11 Apr 2023: 11am

As part of the BUZZ Network project, we are hosting a series of multinational training labs. These international exchanges are a unique opportunity to learn, share and develop your professional practice with other artists and cultural leaders from across Europe. Artists’ Labs are for professional directors and artists who create performance work with young people, and each Artists’ Lab focuses on a different topic in contemporary youth theatre practice.

BUZZ ARTISTS LAB 4 Launch Social Media Card

The fourth Artists’ Training Lab will be hosted by Youth Theatre Arts Scotland in Glasgow from 12 – 16 June 2023.

The funded five-day programme will offer professional youth theatre artists the chance to:

  • Share and explore creative approaches to engaging with disability, ethnic diversity, sexuality, gender, and socioeconomic deprivation within youth theatre arts contexts .
  • Interrogate what a diverse and inclusive approach brings to youth theatre, and what it requires to be implemented and sustained.

Working alongside peers from across Europe, the participants will take part in a series of workshops and be introduced to a range of Scottish organisations who are working to widen access to youth theatre for all. Including: Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, Solar Bear’s Deaf Youth Theatre, Ignite Theatre, Impact Arts, and Sanctuary Queer Arts (TBC).

What will happen during the Artists’ Lab?

  • Youth Theatre Arts Scotland will host the Lab, based at Impact Arts in Glasgow and facilitated by Lead Artist Ivor McAskill.
  • Participants will be introduced to a series of remarkable Scottish youth arts organisations, to gain an insight into their working practices and approaches to inclusivity.
  • Participants will work closely together to gain insights into each other’s work, methods and best practices via workshops, debates and presentations in peer-to-peer groups.
  • Participants will explore the wider arts sector in Scotland through performances, tours and site visits.

Programme benefits

  • High-quality insights into international youth theatre practice.
  • Exploring the diversity of youth theatre practice across Europe, through peer-to-peer learning and group work.
  • Developing your artistic and professional practice, broadening your network and increasing your confidence of working internationally.

What costs are covered?

The BUZZ Network will pay for:

  • Your return travel to and accommodation in Glasgow, for visiting participants.
  • Daily travel expenses for local participants.
  • All meals during the lab will be provided by the BUZZ Network project.
  • Travel between venues during the lab.
  • Any performances included in the schedule.

What costs are not covered?

  • Access Costs: While we can be adaptable to support any access needs we do not currently have the budget to cover all of these costs. (E.g. interpreters or support workers.) We will however work closely with participants to provide assistance where we can, and help to arrange local practicalities and funding applications if required.
  • A fee for participation: The BUZZ Network is not able to cover daily fees for attendance on the programme. We appreciate that there are many freelancers who wish to participate and that this can cause a barrier to access.  However we can advise and assist on transnational mobility programmes or funders you wish to approach. We can also provide letters of support for applications and employers to support your time on the programme.

Because of the limited time between selection and programme dates, if you think you would require any assistance in terms of accessibility support or other costs associated with participation in the programme we encourage you to start these conversations early. While we may not be able to fund all aspects of accessibility we are keen to work closely with applicants to ensure their needs can be met including assisting with further funding applications for access, caring or paying for your own time.

During the lab you will also need to pay for:

  • any meals/expenses during your travel days.
  • extra drinks (eg alcohol or soft drinks at mealtimes).
  • any additional activities you choose to do during your free time.
  • additional accommodation if you choose to extend your stay in the host country.

Who will take part?

It is important for this lab that we have a diverse range of experiences within the group. We therefore particularly welcome and encourage applications from candidates with diverse experiences including social/cultural backgrounds, disability and racial diversity.

Up to 17 artists from across Europe will be selected for this training opportunity. Artists will be selected from the following locations:

CountryNumber of Participants
Elsewhere in Europe5

Applicants must be based in the European Union, or another eligible country participating in the Creative Europe culture programme. Artists based in the UK may also apply. You must live and work in the country from which you apply (non-native nationality or passport does not exclude participation).

Applicants will be selected who meet the eligibility criteria outlined below.

Eligibilty Criteria

Training Labs are open to theatre artists who:

  • Create work with young people.
  • Want to develop their artistic practice.
  • Can demonstrate how the opportunity to work internationally will enhance their practice.
  • Can demonstrate how the Lab’s theme Diverse Voices’ will be of particular benefit to their practice.
  • Are able to attend all dates of the Lab between 12 – 16 June 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Additional travel days may be required.)
  • Are based in the European Union, or another eligible country, including UK. More details here.

If you have any questions please contact

Explore our BUZZ Network website to find out more about our previous Artists’ Labs in Belgium and Germany.

Closing date: Tue 11 Apr 2023: 11am