Children in Scotland: Access All Arts Fund

Closing date: Mon 14 Nov 2022: 5pm

The Access All Arts Fund is an exciting project to help support children and young people, aged 11-25 and who live in Scotland, access creative arts opportunities and support wellbeing.

CiS believe the arts (things like drawing and painting, making music, creative writing and acting) are for everyone. Creative activities like these are great fun and they can help people express themselves and support them to feel good.

But they know many young people face barriers to art and creativity, including disability, poverty, and poor mental health. The Access All Arts Fund has been designed to help overcome these barriers through funding children and young people’s access to art and creativity.

This fund has been developed by a group of children and young people who have experienced their own barriers to the arts. This fund was developed over summer and autumn 2022.

How can I apply?

The Fund will accept applications starting on 13 October 2022 and will close at 5pm on 14 November 2022. Unfortunately CiS will not be able to accept applications after the fund closes.

There are lots of ways you can apply. You can fill in the online application form survey, or you can send in your application as a word document, a video, or a voice recording. CiS can also set up a phone or video call and can help you fill out the form.

You can read or listen to the Access All Arts Fund information sheet before applying at The information sheet contains lots of tips and support for your application.

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Closing date: Mon 14 Nov 2022: 5pm