Creative Scotland / Baring Foundation / MHF: Participatory Arts and Mental Health Fund

Closing date: Tue 18 Jul 2023: 12am

This new fund aims to increase and improve the quality of arts and mental health provision in participatory settings at a community level, across Scotland. This fund is supported by and delivered in partnership with the Baring Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation.

The purpose of this fund is to support projects or activities that allow organisations to enhance and elevate their work in arts and mental health within participatory settings. The funds can be used to develop existing activity or to test new approaches and models of working.

They recognise that participation in artistic and creative activities can have inherent positive impacts on an individual’s wellbeing. However, this fund is proposed to support projects that move beyond this and utilise the arts to take a more structured, nuanced and informed approach to mental health prevention and recovery. They will support a minimum of five projects and a maximum of 10 projects through this fund. This may include larger pilot or exploratory projects, as well as smaller projects, depending on the need.

Priority will be given to applications where the project is likely to have a lasting impact on organisational learning. They also see a need for projects that consider one or more of the following issues within their approach:
– Diversity and intersectionality – this is about challenging or reducing stigma, prejudice and inequalities faced by people at intersections of mental health and other identities or experiences, such as being disabled, LGBTQ+, of faith and/or global ethnic majority
– Social exclusion – this is about those experiencing exclusion based on mental health related social impacts, such as poverty, addiction and/or homelessness
– Social isolation and loneliness – this is about those experiencing isolation and/or loneliness based on mental health related social impacts such as age, disability and/or the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
– Geography – this is about the unique and specific geographic contexts across Scotland; urban, rural and island. They know that people living in Scotland’s rural and island locations have more limited access to the range of mental health support services that may be available in urban locations.

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Closing date: Tue 18 Jul 2023: 12am