EPAD: Professional Development Support

Closing date: Mon 4 Sep 2023: 12am

Edinburgh Performing Arts Development (EPAD) is launching a programme to provide paid, supported development for Edinburgh-based freelance performing arts professionals at any stage of their career. 15 people will receive a personalised programme of contact with an experienced professional, known as a Supporter, who will help them to develop their practice in specific ways in a series of supportive conversations over a period of several months.

Who is eligible?
Anyone who is a professional freelance performing arts practitioner and lives in the City of
Edinburgh Council area can apply.

To be considered a freelance performing arts professional for the purposes of this fund, at
least some of your earnings in the last financial year (2022-23) need to have come from
freelance work in the performing arts. Examples of the sort of work that would qualify
• Producer
• Actor
• Dancer
• Director
• Playwright
• Technician
• Stage Manager
• Designer
• Choreographer
(this list is not exhaustive but is meant to show the type of roles they mean – if you are not
sure if you are eligible, please contact them to ask on mail@epad.org.uk).

What is the time scale?
The closing date for applications is Mon 4 September 2023. It is anticipated that all
supportive conversations will be completed by the end of May 2024. Selected recipients will
be invited to an EPAD Surgery on either Wed 13 or Thu 14 September 2023.

Get full information at https://drive.google.com/file/d/14id1VOll_NnPVCU2xzrM36anbypVQEjI/view

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Closing date: Mon 4 Sep 2023: 12am