F-Bomb: Feminist Theatre Talent Database

Closing date: Tue 31 Dec 2024: 12am

Add your profile to the new F-Bomb Talent Database to platform your work as a female or gender-marginalised theatremaker of any disclipline or experience level.

The F-Bomb Talent Database is a free platform for all theatre folk in Scotland who are women or of marginalised genders.

They wanted to create a space for anyone to showcase their work and be seen. There are no fees and you don’t need a certain level of paid experience either (they know how hard that is to come by!).

This platform is your go-to space to find actors, playwrights, directors, stage crew and more. Filter through the tags and find to discover talent at every career level, and you can search any keyword to find more customised results.

Members of the database can also opt in to the F-Bomb newsletter to access exclusive opportunities and offers.

To suggest improvements or discipline categories, please email rachel@fbombtheatre.co.uk

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Closing date: Tue 31 Dec 2024: 12am