Federation of Scottish Theatre: FST Bursaries

Closing date: Fri 3 May 2024: 11pm

FST Bursaries help Scotland-based artists build up their experience by financially supporting their attachment to an established performing arts company.

FST Bursaries aim to nurture the development of professionals working within the performing arts in Scotland by supporting an attachment to an established theatre, dance or opera company, venue or design team in the UK or internationally. The objectives are to develop the applicant’s skills and experience as a professional performing arts practitioner, and to encourage the adoption of best practice.

In the past, FST awarded two types of bursaries: Assistant Director (which also included Assistant Choreographer & Assistant Movement Director) and Producer Placement. However, they recognised that in order to aid equality within the sector there is a need to broaden development opportunities. Therefore, they have adjusted the Producer/Director bursaries to be more inclusive of the diverse range of vital roles which exist within the sector.

The kind of roles that are now included within the bursary would be inclusive of but not limited to:

– producing
– directing
– design
– choreography/movement
– sound
– technical/production
– creative learning
– artistic development

Funding Available
The bursary is paid at a stipend of £450 per week. This is an educational bursary and therefore tax free. Host companies are required to make a commitment of a percentage of the total bursary of
£450 per week as outlined below:

• FST Organisation or Individual members: 15% from host, 85% from FST (Host – £67.50 per week + 15% expenses)
• FST Associate members: 20% from host, 80% from FST (Host – £90 per week + 20% expenses)
• Non-members: 25% from host, 75% from FST (Host – 112.50 per week + 25% expenses)

NB The FST membership categories above refer to the status of either the host company or the applicant – so where the host or the applicant is an Organisation or Individual member, the contribution from the host is 15%.

In addition to the bursary, successful applicants will be awarded reasonable expenses. A percentage of this will also be contributed by the host company, as outlined above.

Bursary Outcomes
Applicants for May 2024 bursary round will hear an outcome on w/c 13 May 2024.

For further information, please contact rhona.stevens@scottishtheatre.org (Rhona Stevens) or visit https://www.scottishtheatre.org/sector-support/fst-bursaries/

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Closing date: Fri 3 May 2024: 11pm