Fringe Community Stage

Closing date: Fri 25 Aug 2023: 12am

Whether you have a big group who would want to sing, a small band that have their own music that they would like to perform, or a number of individuals who all wish to showcase their talents and be part of the Fringe experience, the Community Stage at the Fringe is for EVERYONE!

The Community Stage will take place on Friday 25 August from 12pm – 5pm with the stage positioned at the bottom of The Mound.

The day has been divided into half hour time slots which can be booked by clicking on the link below. 

Please note that the slot is inclusive of the time you need to set up and take your instruments or equipment away at the end of the performance. At the moment they are only accepting one half hour booking per organisation to ensure that as many groups have the opportunity to participate as possible but if there are unfilled slots nearer to August then we will open it up to enable organisations to book multiple slots throughout the day.

The Fringe’s shared vision is “to give anyone a stage” so please encourage any budding performers to have a go.

Closing date: Fri 25 Aug 2023: 12am