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Closing date: Thu 30 May 2024: 12am

Are you looking to tour work in Glasgow outwith the City Centre? Glasgow Life works in these places and communities and they are keen to hear from you.

The community touring programme is about providing high quality arts experiences and relevant performances to venues on people’s doorsteps. It reaches out to people who might not usually attend a performance or cultural event, by ensuring that the events are approachable and capable of sparking interest in a wide range of arts forms.

They are currently looking for potential touring content for autumn 2024 through to March 2025 – and are looking for suggestions/proposals by 30 May 2024. To discuss further, please contact us at and put ‘Community Touring’ in the Subject line.

Our colleagues in Community Centres promote the show, sell tickets and most importantly, advocate on our behalf. They know local people; local people use the centres for a wide range of activities and services. They are always looking for work that has the potential to deliver a meaningful and entertaining experience in this context. The production should have an understanding of the demands of working in local venues and be suitably flexible and adaptable.

They have promoted a wide range of work over the past 15 years. Dance, mixed media, theatre and interactive participatory experiences have all taken place in venues with our support.

The work of Glasgow Life’s Community Touring programme occurs within a semi-urban context, where communities are located within the City boundary with a relative high density of housing, but lacking in many of the advantages and access to resources and services associated with contemporary urban life. As a result, they are committed to producing work which has a reputation not only for quality and accessibility, but also for provoking and entertaining our audience.

The venues they work with are exclusively within the Glasgow City Council boundary and are outwith the city centre. These range from larger Glasgow Life venues eg Castlemilk Community Centre (G45), Barmulloch Community Centre (G21) and Penilee Community Centre (G52) to independent venues that range in size from Knightswood Community Centre (G13) to smaller organisations like Barrowfield Community Centre (G31). They also tour to communities of interest in specific venues such as care homes or venues supporting those experiencing homelessness. The community venues are generally very busy places and we usually tour with a two hour get-in and a one hour get-out. These can be extended on a case-by-case basis.

For further information, please contact or visit

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Closing date: Thu 30 May 2024: 12am