Lyceum Theatre: Young Company 2023 Auditions

Closing date: Wed 31 Aug 2022: 12pm

Following the success of the first Young Company production in April 2022, the Lyceum are excited to announce a second opportunity for a new cohort of young people to present an exciting new piece of writing with the working title ‘The Multiverse is Gay: A play for everyone, from every Universe!‘, by Lewis Hetherington in Spring 2023.

The script is still in development, but the play will be an ensemble piece with 12 roles available for young people aged 16-21. As such, they are initially looking to build a strong group of performers who will work together to bring the play to life, and the actual casting process will be part of the initial first six weeks of rehearsals.

In order to audition, you must:

  • Be aged between 16 and 21 as of 1 February 2023, to comply with Council performance licensing rules
  • Be confident with both acting and movement
  • Be available on Tuesday and Friday evenings for rehearsals, and production/performance week dates (please check the Audition Pack carefully)
  • Not be in any form of professional drama training

No previous acting experience is necessary and young people of all abilities and background are encouraged to apply. They are particularly interested in hearing from young people who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, though this is not a requirement to be involved. 

Working Title: The Multiverse is Gay: A play for everyone, from every Universe!
It’s the last day of school and a raggle taggle group of friends are bunking off. They break into some fancy private gardens to have a party. In a world that feels like it’s falling apart, they are trying to hold themselves together. Other people seem to cast them as the outsiders; the geeks, the queer kids, the school dropouts. But they know they are a community, a family.

Except for Amber. She always feels slightly on the outside of things. Her friends couldn’t be kinder, but she feels out of kilter. Like she’s looking in on her own life, trying to work out what is wrong with her.

As the garden revels begin, Amber wanders off and accidentally stumbles through a portal which launches her in flight across the Multiverse. As she tumbles through time and space, will she finally find somewhere that she belongs?

‘The Multiverse is Gay: A play for everyone, from every Universe!’ is a wild, playful and joyful rollercoaster through life in High School, the multiverse, and finding yourself over and over and over again…

Audition Dates & Times
Auditions will be held in a friendly, supportive group environment involving a mixture of script, improvisation and character work, but there is no need to prepare anything in advance. Auditions are free, but a place must be booked via the Lyceum website. The following group slots are available, all of which will be held in the Lyceum’s Creative Learning Space opposite the main Theatre building on Grindlay Street:

  • Mon 29 August 2022, 6pm – 8pm
  • Tue 30 August 2022, 6pm – 8pm
  • Wed 31 August 2022, 6pm – 8pm

Should you feel that you would benefit from any kind of additional support – such as physical access,
neurodiversity or mental health – please get in touch with them at in advance of
your audition so they can make your experience accessible as possible.

For more information on the audition process, key dates and the show itself please find the Audition Pack at

Closing date: Wed 31 Aug 2022: 12pm