Lyra: Callout to Artists and Performance Companies

Closing date: Mon 21 Nov 2022: 6pm

Pitch your show to Lyra’s Culture Crew.

About Culture Crew
They are a group of young people aged 10-18 who come together at Lyra to build skills in creative industries. They’re currently putting together their season for February – April 2023 and if you’ve got a show for Lyra, they want to hear from you!

They want the shows they programme to be… MOVING, EXCITING, FUNNY, INCLUSIVE, INTERACTIVE and REFLECTIVE of their COMMUNITY.

And they’d like the season to include:
• A variety of different genres and styles
• Shows for different age groups (ages 0-18)
• Shows that surprise and challenge them

This is what to include in your pitch:
• A brief summary of your production / what you’re proposing to the Crew
• A trailer and/or full recording of the work (if you don’t have a recording, please send any images that you have)
• Your target age range for audiences
• Your technical requirements
• Your availability from 1 February – 23 April 2023
• An indication of costs. All performances at Artspace are presented free of charge for audiences and so they can offer an all-inclusive fee of up to £1000 for your visit. They may be able to provide some technical support in addition to the fee.

You can present this information in the format you feel most comfortable using eg videos/voice note/written document. Please send your pitch to

For further information, please contact (Anna Plasberg-Hill, Engagement Producer), call 0131 659 4759 or visit

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Closing date: Mon 21 Nov 2022: 6pm