Parents and Carers in Performing Arts (PiPA): Balancing Act Survey

Closing date: Thu 31 Aug 2023: 12am

Parents and Carers in Performing Arts (PiPA) has launched their Balancing Act Survey and the industry has changed beyond recognition since their previous Balancing Act survey in 2018. We have been through Covid and currently living through a cost-of-living crisis and are still in recovery.

They need to hear from you, your staff and networks about the challenges you are wrestling with so we can all work together to attract and retain a diverse and representative workforce.

Please help us get the word out to everyone in our industry. Regardless of whether people have caring responsibilities or not, life can’t be an afterthought and the data from this survey will help them talk to government, employers, industry bodies and advocate for better resources and work-life balance for all.

Please follow this link to access to social media, email/ newsletter assets and even a handy QR code you can print out and put on your notice board linking straight to the survey. They really appreciate any way you can publicise this survey.

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Closing date: Thu 31 Aug 2023: 12am