Queen Margaret University: Mastering Cultural Sector Data

Closing date: Mon 11 Mar 2024: 11pm

Credit-Rated Short Course | Starts April 2024

Continuing Queen Margaret University’s collaboration with Data Culture Change, this course aims to provide you with the skills and confidence to understand and appraise the many different types of data available to cultural sector leaders.

Who is this course for?
The course is for current and aspiring leaders in the cultural sector who wish to apply the most appropriate data and analysis to support long-term strategy, programming, marketing and advocacy. It will be especially useful for people whose role requires them to analyse data or manage the data of an organisation.

Topics include:
• types of data in the cultural sector, their strengths, weaknesses and uses,
• local and national demographic data and open data,
• qualitative and quantitative data,
• mapping local assets and catchments,
• stakeholder and sectoral data,
• big data and digital data sets,
• data visualisation,
• managing data in organisation.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
• find, generate, analyse, interpret and operationalise data and the insights it provides for organisational performance,
• understand the strengths and weaknesses of different types of data,
• design, build and populate your own data sets,
• integrate and compare your data with local and national data sets.

You will be required to take part in two x four hour on-campus workshops (Edinburgh) and eight x two hour online classes. You will also be expected to set aside one day a week to undertake independent study to complement what you learn in class.

You will be studying these topics at Master’s level, and you will likely hold an undergraduate degree. Relevant professional experience that supports study at this level is also accepted.

How will you be assessed?
There are two assessments – 15-minute presentation and 1250-word proposal for a new data set.

Who will be teaching you?
The course is led by experienced consultant, researcher and coach, James Doeser assisted by David Brownlee of Data Culture Change.

For further information, please contact ILO@qmu.ac.uk or visit https://www.qmu.ac.uk/study-here/short-courses/short-courses/mastering-cultural-sector-data/

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Closing date: Mon 11 Mar 2024: 11pm