Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Arts Educator Podcast Interviews

Closing date: Thu 18 Jul 2024: 5pm

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland are offering free access to a new podcast series for Arts Educators.

In these podcast interviews, professional arts educators discuss their goals, values and teaching strategies. The series includes contributors from across the world and is designed to provide an insight into current approaches and practices across the arts education sectors, such as dance, music, visual art, drama, puppetry and creative producing. It features arts educators working in schools, further and higher education institutions, and participatory and community settings.

The questions in the podcast are based on a coaching model and are designed to explore what lies at the heart of quality arts education. Listen in to find out what international arts educators responded to questions such as:
• When you are working with learners, what is your goal?
• How do you measure your success as an arts educator?
• How would you describe the ideal relationship between you and your learner?
• What three values are central to your practice as an arts educator?

Interviewees include: Bethany MacLeod, Chris Pendergast, Chris Wardlaw, Clara Bloomfield, Eric Booth, Gavin Crichton, Hazel Grant, Jeffrey Tan, Jo Turbitt, Johanna Smith, Louise Marshall, Mairi Gillies, Nikki Doig, Penny Chivas, Ray Tallan, Raz Salvarita, Ros Maddison, Simon Sharkey, Sudebi Thakurata, Tan Cheng Hung, Tania Czajka, Tawona Sithole and Tracy Hawkes.

For further information, please contact (Jamie Mackay), call 07847 611548 or visit

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Closing date: Thu 18 Jul 2024: 5pm