Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh: Chaperones

Pay: £10.90 per hour
Closing date: Fri 31 Mar 2023: 11pm

The Royal Lyceum Theatre is currently looking to increase the number of Chaperones who are able to work with young people in main stage shows.

The Chaperone is tasked with the care and supervision of the child as well as safeguarding, supporting and promoting their wellbeing at all times during the period beginning with the first rehearsal and ending with the last performance or for the duration of the activity (except where a child is in the care and supervision of a parent, guardian or teacher).

The Chaperone is therefore responsible for, amongst other things, first aid arrangements (or knowing how to access them), for leading the child to safety in the event of an evacuation, for ensuring the child is not stressed or overworked (and is working within the legal guidelines for working time and breaks), and that the child is not exposed to situations/material that would not be suitable for children.

Chaperones will be required to attend show rehearsals, production weeks, with technical rehearsals as well as support the young people during performances. The chaperone usually looks after two to four young people at a time, but it could be up to ten young people at a given time, which is the maximum allowed as part of the Chaperone guidelines.

This post is suitable for someone who has experience of working with young people in a supervisory/supporting role who is looking for extra work over a period of time. Building positive relationships with young people, parents/carers, actors, directors and production staff is essential to this role. A Chaperone should be confident in working with adults and managing complex situations and scenarios where the needs of the young person are a priority. It may be of interest to someone who has a background in theatre and is interested in productions, but the priority is young people and experience of working with young people is essential for this role.

The role is available as a freelance or contracted position. There are no guaranteed hours for the role as Chaperones are employed on a show by show basis. When a Chaperone is needed for a show, they are keen to offer the role to a core group of staff so they can build relationships will all the people involved in the company as well as knowing the show. Full training will be offered by the company to support the role.

They aim to recruit on a rolling basis throughout the year, however we have upcoming vacancies beginning the 20 April 2023 to support our production of Anna Karenina. Salary: £10.90 per hour.

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Closing date: Fri 31 Mar 2023: 11pm