Scottish Youth Theatre: Lead Artists in Theatre Project

Pay: £1,330
Closing date: Tue 4 Apr 2023: 5pm

Scottish Youth Theatre is seeking three bold, politically inspired lead artists to work with three youth theatres over two weekends in June. Partnering with youth theatres outside the main urban centres, Amplify will collaborate with young people aged 14-17, exploring how theatre-making and performance can be a vehicle for political and social change, empowering them to think radically, respond creatively and act collectively.

As lead artists, you need to be a mentor and collaborator, able to hold the room with groups of young theatre makers and support their development as creative changemakers. Time with the young people will be limited, so a clear sense of how you will engage without prescribing or dictating ideas will be vital.

Scottish Youth Theatre places its values at the centre of its work. The work they produce must be creatively adventurous, collaborative, with care and integrity woven throughout. The artists they work with need to reflect those values in the workshops and performances, as well as in meetings with the production team and partners.

Scottish Youth Theatre are committed to career development for young, early career artists. Part of the role will be to mentor and guide a trainee artist aged between 18-25 who will support you throughout the project. The lead artist will identify the trainee’s needs and support them to deliver aspects of the work designed to build their confidence, develop their practice and broaden their knowledge and experience.

This is a freelance contract at a total fee of £1,330 which includes three full days of delivery and four full days of preparation, site visits and evaluation/debrief.

To apply, you must be available on the following delivery dates:
> Sat 10 June 2023
> Sun 11 June 2023
> Sat 17 June 2023
Deadline for applications: 4 April 2023

Find further details about the requirements of the role and information on how to apply via the Scottish Youth Theatre website. If you would prefer to apply in an alternative format or have questions regarding the application, please get in contact directly with Rikki Payne:

Amplify is produced by Scottish Youth Theatre and supported by Creative Scotland’s Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development Programme.

For further information, please contact (Rikki Payne) or visit

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Closing date: Tue 4 Apr 2023: 5pm