North East Culture Collective: Theatre Practitioners

Closing date: Sun 12 Jun 2022: 12am

North East Culture Collective (NECC) is seeking a theatre practitioner to facilitate sharing and telling stories through co-creation with diverse community groups in a range of settings.

The North East Culture Collective is seeking to commission a theatre practitioner with experience of co-design processes with diverse community groups. The theatre practitioner will help participants and communities tell and share stories through co-creating scripted work, improvisation, and performances. The theatre practitioner will play an essential role in working with community groups, to shape and inform the collective recovery; exploring and expanding the positive role that arts and culture plays in society.

The NECC is a Culture Aberdeen project, funded by Creative Scotland until March 2024, which will establish a network of practitioners, organisations and communities, working together across the North East to create a positive difference in response to Covid-19; recognising the strengths and unique assets as they push creative practice towards the forefront of pandemic recovery.

As one of the team of creative practitioners, you will bring your creative skills to work alongside communities to co-design and co-create in ways that support exploration and recovery post-pandemic. They will also be offering all selected practitioners an initial paid training programme that supports the partnership work to be undertaken.

The practitioners will be responsive to the community’s needs and ideas and will support their creative journey by providing co-designed and participatory activities in community settings. By community they mean a geographic area or an interest group. The NECC programme may involve working with a wide range of groups and individuals including children, young people, adults, older people, and people with protected characteristics. This will be across a variety of locations including community centres, in prisons, located within partner organisations services.

All NECC creative practitioner roles are temporary and once practitioners have been paired with communities or programme strands, the proposed length of contract is expected to be for a period of no less than six months. Fees will be based (pro rata or daily) on the recommended Scottish Artists Union residency rates for experienced and emerging artists as relevant.

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Closing date: Sun 12 Jun 2022: 12am