Wed 26 Apr 2023: 7:00PM
— Apr 26th 2023

Beacon Young Company: Model Behaviour

Beacon Arts Centre

Custom House Quay, Greenock, PA15 1HJ

Prices: £5

A fast-paced comic, white-knuckle-ride through the rollercoaster of personal (playground) politics played out against the backdrop of the world stage. When Mr. Smallwood announces that his Politics Year Group are going to spend an entire day role playing what it’s like to be a delegate at the United Nations, the keenest pupil in the class, Ronni is of course delighted. Everyone else in the class isn’t and (with perhaps the only exception being Sarah, who never says anything) they all quickly exhibit their contempt for the project, as they take it in turns at adopting varying degrees of cynicism.

This manifests as a rainbow of negativity including: disinterest, disdain, and the desire to destroy, disrupt and to liberally undermine everything at will. What should be one of Ronni’s most memorable days at school – a personal triumph as she displays her diplomatic and intellectual prowess, for the benefit of the whole of humanity – instead looks set on course to explode into a thermo-nuclear car crash of a day – in outer-space and cyber-space – all thanks to her typical and totally predictable classmates….who have never ever taken anything seriously in their whole lives. Apart from Leo that is, and perhaps if people paid a little more attention to him and took the time to discover that he does actually say things, just very quietly and if Ronni could perhaps learn to follow as well as lead…..well perhaps, maybe the future could be bright – glowing with hope and not radiation.

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