Light the Blue 2024
Thu 13 Jun 2024: 6:00PM
— Jun 14th 2024

Light the Blue: Found

MH Big Sky Studio

Union St Aberdeen, AB10 1QS

Prices: £5 | under 30s £3

Your house weighs 3181kg*. Excluding bricks. And one day a stranger will handle every single item. Someone has seen every curry you forgot at the back of your fridge; the contents of every bin bag; even your discarded, holey, underwear. Horrified? Okay, don’t worry, they’re not judging (well, only slightly)… They’re ‘just doing their job’ - like the rest of us!

In amongst plotting inconsequential workplace pranks, illicit gambling (with biscuits), and dreaming of bigger things – what would you do if the future of Aberdeen was up to you? More housing or places to dance? Because who wouldn’t need mischief and dreams, when your job is sorting 12 tonnes of waste a day.

Join Late Boy, Telephone Kid, New Build, and Wordsy for a community tour of your local Waste Management Centre. You’re in safe hands – absolutely nothing goes wrong when we all ‘just do our jobs’, right?

*The contents of an average four bedroom UK house weighs between 3181Kg and 4536Kg.

A new play by Ink Asher Hemp, directed by Cameron Mowat and performed by a young company of emerging actors. Commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts for Climate Week North East and Light The Blue 2024.

Light the Blue 2024