Tue 11 Apr 2023: 7:00PM
— Apr 15th 2023

Lyceum Young Company: The Multiverse is Gay: A Play for Everyone, From Every Universe!

Royal Lyceum Theatre

Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AX

Prices: £10 Full Price | £8 Concessions

A brand new play by Lewis Hetherington performed by a new young company of actors, supported by a team of Young Creatives.

It’s the last day of school and a raggle-taggle group of friends are bunking off. They break into some fancy private gardens to have a party. In a world that feels like it’s falling apart, they are trying to hold themselves together. Others cast them as the outsiders; the geeks, the queer kids, the school dropouts. But they know they are a community, a family.

Except for Amber. She always feels slightly on the outside of things. Amber’s friends couldn’t be kinder, but something feels out of kilter.  Like she’s looking in on her own life, trying to work out what is wrong.

However, as the garden revels begin, Amber, who has always felt slightly on the outside of their own identity, accidentally stumbles through a portal that launches them in flight across the Multiverse, where they meet an eclectic mix of characters who force them to question who they are and who they want to become. As they tumble through time and space, will they finally find somewhere they belong? 

Dates / Times:
Tue 11 April, 7pm
Wed 12 April, 7pm
Thu 13 April,  6.30pm* featuring a Curtain Raiser performance and a Q&A.
Fri 14 April, 7pm
Sat 15 April, 2pm and 7pm

*The performance on Thu 13 April carries an earlier start time to feature a special Curtain Raiser event presented by the Lyceum’s team of Young Creatives. Each young person has shadowed a professional on the production and have collaboratively produced this event, putting their newfound knowledge into practice. This special event will include a short Q&A.

Please note that this production is recommended for ages 12+. There is intermittent strong language and there is no interval.

Lyceum Multiverse April 2023