Strange Town - Billi & the Polar Bear
Sat 16 Dec 2023: 3:00PM
— Dec 17th 2023

Strange Town: Billi & the Polar Bear

Scottish Storytelling Centre

43-45 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR

Prices: £10 | £8

(Sat 16 December 2023, 3pm & Sun 17 December 2023, 11:30am)

Billi always takes things too far: making up stories, stealing people’s glasses and generally being an all-round pain. So, when Billi discovers a book about Chris-T-Mas – a holiday celebrated long ago – the group are understandably hesitant to trust them.

To make matters worse, they can’t even check as the book has been lost near the den of Avalanche – the grouchiest and most monstrous polar bear left on the ice!

But Billi isn’t afraid (though perhaps they should be). They’re determined to find it and have the best Chris-T-Mas ever… even if they’re not really sure what that truly means.

A light-hearted Christmas comedy-caper across the frozen wilderness. Performed by the Strange Town 8-10s group (Fridays). Written by RJ Hunter and directed by Catherine Ward-Stoddart.

Strange Town - Billi & the Polar Bear