Youth Theatre in Scotland: Sector Review 2020

By Ruthless Research

In September 2020, YTAS conducted the Youth Theatre in Scotland Sector Review, where we asked the sector to tell us more about the youth theatre activity they run.

The Sector Review was for all groups who use drama or performance in their work with young people. We asked questions about groups up to March 2020, including the number of participants and staff they had at that point, as well as age ranges and demographics of the young people they worked with.

The responses helped us capture the big picture of the sector, and identify the ways we can develop further, and the feedback you gave us helped to sharpen the focus of our work.

The data from the COVID-19 Impact Survey focussed on the post-lockdown part of 2020 (little did we know in September that there was another lockdown on the way…) and helped us secure funding to provide grants that would help the sector adapt and thrive. Combined with the Current Use of EDI Data Survey, the responses showed us what we needed to put centre stage in our activities.

Youth Theatre in Scotland: Sector Review 2020


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