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YT Essentials: You’re Hired! Advice Booklet

By Youth Theatre Arts Scotland

“On this occasion we’ve decided not to invite you for interview” …sound familiar?

On 5 February 2020, YTAS hosted YT Essentials: You’re Hired! to give insight into how to land that lucrative job. It was designed for people that were fed up of never being offered a job interview, or getting the interview but never the job.

So often we find ourselves taking a stab in the dark with job applications as working out what employers are looking for can feel like a total mystery. But, with the right tools in your bag and a bit of insider info from an employer’s perspective you can set yourself up for some sweet job-hunting success! 

We thought our insights might be useful, so we’ve made our musings available to the masses. Think of this as ‘the book of the film’, or indeed, ‘the booklet of the training session’. This document is suitable for freelancers, individuals employed by organisations and may also be of interest to those who have responsibilities for recruiting new staff. It covers the basics of writing strong job applications and presenting yourself well at interview. 


YT Essentials: You're Hired!


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