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Strange Town Theatre Company

Ages catered for: Under 12 years, 12 – 16 years, 16+ years
Location: Edinburgh
Strange Town Theatre Company’s youth theatre comprises a number of groups, traditionally arranged by age: 5-7s, 8-10s, 11-14s, and 14-18s, with some overlapping ages groups including the 8-18s Invitational Group, the 8-12s Skills, the 12-18 Film and Improv Comedy. All the groups learn performance skills for either the stage or screen via drama games and exercises, movement and mime, voice work, improvisation, devising and script work. The Theatre Performance groups work closely with a team of writers, both collaborating with them and performing the new plays written, in professional venues in Edinburgh, while Theatre Skills groups focus on developing confidence, professionalism and wellbeing amongst members who may be brand new to the world of drama. The Film group works with an experienced film tutor, developing skills suitable for on-screen and behind the camera, and the Improv Comedy group works with two experienced improvisers from the professional Edinburgh comedy scene to develop their comic abilities. They also run a series of Masterclasses for Teenagers: a series of individual advanced workshops on different onstage and offstage skills led by industry professionals, and from time to time also offer additional, one-off performance projects for youth theatre members. Free and discounted places are available in all classes.


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