Tue 24 Jan 2023: 10:30AM
Children in Scotland

Creating Inclusive Settings: Engaging Neurodiverse Children

Venue: Online
Prices: Members – £35 | Non-members – £45

This session will explore neurodiversity and its effect on an individual’s experience of the world, including in your setting. Learn more about the different types of neurodiversity such as autism, dyslexia, and ADHD, and how neurodivergent children and young people may experience barriers to learning, participating, and communicating with practitioners and peers.

Understand how a neurodivergent child or young person may experience your own setting, and how you can make reasonable adjustments to both your communication style and setting to create a more inclusive environment.

This webinar will be delivered by Corrie and Rhiann McLean, Three Sisters Consultancy.

Key Learnings

  • Sensory processing and how our environment can affect a person’s learning experience
  • How small adjustments to our communication can impact our approach in a positive manner
  • Understanding behaviours that neurodivergent people can express including anxiety and overstimulation (meltdowns/shutdowns)
  • Practical resources and strategies to support you and the children and young people within your setting.

This session is aimed at all professionals working directly with children and young people.

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