Mon 15 Jan 2024: 10:00AM
New International Performing Arts Institute

Ensemble Building Course

Venue: Online
Prices: 1950€

The Ensemble Building Course offered by the New International Performing Arts Institute (NIPAI) is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to create a cohesive ensemble of performers, even under the constraints of limited rehearsal time. This course is particularly focused on overcoming the challenges of working with unfamiliar performers and aims to develop a welcoming and creative atmosphere.

Key aspects of the course include…

Physical Training for Ensemble Building: Students explore the role of physical training in the ensemble-building process. This involves understanding how to use physical actions and movements to foster group dynamics and cohesion.
Playful Techniques with Actors: The course teaches techniques for engaging with actors in a playful and effective manner. This approach helps in creating an environment that is conducive to creativity and collaboration.
Atmosphere, Cohesion, and Group Dynamics: Students learn strategies to build a specific atmosphere within the group, promoting cohesion and effective dynamics among performers.
Practical Relationship Development: A significant focus of the course is on the practical relationship between the director (or choreographer) and the performers, aiming to develop this bond for targeted outcomes.
Comprehensive Learning: The course includes a variety of acting techniques and theories, such as Stanislavsky’s Physical Action, Meyerhold’s Theatre Biomechanics, and Chekhov’s Psychological Gesture, along with improvisation and spontaneity skills, and director’s communication skills.
Professional Growth and Application: This course is tailored for those already in the field who seek specific knowledge and skills in theatre directing. It emphasizes practical learning and offers a professional approach.
Certification and Application: Upon successful completion, students receive a certificate of completion, which can be a valuable addition to a professional portfolio or resume. The knowledge gained can be applied in various theatre forms like physical theatre, dance theatre, drama theatre, musical theatre, mime theatre, puppetry theatre, and circus on stage.

The course is offered in a flexible, online format, making it accessible to students worldwide. It emphasises practical learning, offering a unique and renowned programme for professional growth in the specific field of theatre directing.


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