Queen Margaret University: Introduction to Dramatherapy (short course)

Closing date: Wed 18 Oct 2023: 5pm

The Introduction to Dramatherapy course will be of interest and benefit to all those interested in the arts and those working in theatre, health, social care and education.

Completion of the course will provide students with a good general introduction to Dramatherapy and a foundation on which to progress to further accredited training.

This course will run entirely dependent upon required number of students.

What will I learn on the course?

Dramatherapy is an established profession regulated by the Health & Care Professions Council, and Dramatherapists who’ve completed a master’s level training practise under a protected title. Treatment settings include psychiatry, adult and child psychotherapy, physical and learning disability services, forensic and other custodial settings, special and mainstream education, services for the elderly, palliative care and private practice.

Dramatherapy offers an active, creative and playful approach to encountering and exploring life experiences. It is concerned with the ways in which the psychotherapeutic application of creative techniques can contribute to beneficial psychological change.

The Introduction to Dramatherapy Short Course will introduce students to the practice of dramatherapy through experiential learning and specialist presentations. The course will cover some of the history and development of dramatherapy and introduce students to some of the key theories informing current practice, while focusing predominantly on workshop-based group processes, which reflects the style of learning on a full training programme. A reading list will be provided.

This is a non-qualifying course and does not allow persons to practice as a ‘Dramatherapist’ or use this legally protected title. If you are interested in progressing to one of the UK’s professionally accredited training programmes, please visit the website of the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth)

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Closing date: Wed 18 Oct 2023: 5pm