The Dream Machine: Betty McAllister Fund

Closing date: Wed 31 May 2023: 11pm

£10,000 fund to support individuals and groups in need of venue space, tech and event support to help the world ‘Relax, Play and Create’.

Music, art, creativity is good for everyone yet, since Covid, it has been increasingly difficult for individuals and organisations to find suitable, affordable space to bring their gifts to the world. Venues are fewer than ever and the surviving ones do not have the budget to experiment or offer community rates as they too try and recover from the downturn and poverty crisis that continues today.

The Dream Machine is a home for creative experiments, new art or music, community support groups, workshops, non-formal education… whatever your gift is to the world, they want to support it. If you have something you would like to run at The Dream Machine in one of their venue spaces but finances are a barrier to trying it out, they can help with up to a 100% subsidy. They are looking to fund a mix of one-off and regular events.

A bit about The Dream Machine:
At The Dream Machine they support people from diverse communities across Glasgow to Relax, Play and Create. They do this by using interactive audio/visual technologies to empower people to express and share their creativity. Their venue’s unique feature is a sensory room called The Dream Room. The Dream Room uses technology to provide a multi sensory experience and has four wall projections, surround sound and heated flooring. Their secondary specialised space is called The Dream Lab, which is suitable for learning based environments such as workshops, masterclasses and craft sessions.

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Closing date: Wed 31 May 2023: 11pm