Fri 28 Apr 2023: 6:00PM
— Apr 28th 2023

Knightswood Secondary School: The Heights

Beacon Arts Centre

Custom House Quay, Greenock, PA15 1HJ

Prices: £5

This is a play about stories. Lillie is a teenager who lives on the Heights Estate. A place where nothing ever happens, except in Lillie’s head. Lillie’s not like most people, definitely not. For starters, she never goes out, but sits in her bedroom window on the sixth floor of her tower block, watching the world and the people in it go by – though sometimes some of those same people enter her world. As she sits, she makes up stories. Some of these stories are sad, some are happy, some are funny and some are just wonderful. However, whatever they are, they are just stories. Aren’t they? No one would play catch in the middle of the street with a loaded gun, or use the same gun to frighten a stranger as they slept in their bed. And no one could give birth to a baby made of glass, or murder their twin brother over an argument about what they should spend their money on IF they won the lottery… would they? Surely these are all just stories, dark, curious, beguiling figments of Lillie’s fertile imagination aren’t they?

Lisa McGee, an award-winning screenwriter and playwright from Derry, is the creator, writer and executive producer of the acclaimed DERRY GIRLS. She co-created, co-wrote and was executive producer on THE DECEIVED with her husband Tobias Beer and was creative director, executive producer and wrote an episode of the BBC monologues on poverty SKINT

Content guidance: strong language / some infrequent moments of violence. Recommended for ages 13+

the heights