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Thu 22 Feb 2024: 7:00PM

Queer, There and Everywhere

Online | Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Port-Na-Craig, Pitlochry, PH16 5DR

Prices: Free

Queer (adj.) c. 1500, “strange, peculiar, odd, eccentric,”  from Scottish, which is related to German quer “oblique, perverse, odd.”

Joy (n) c. 1200, “feeling of pleasure and delight;”

Queer. Joy. Queer Joy. A statement or a protest? What does it mean to be Queer now? How do we find joy with so many barriers socially, politically, internally?

Join 15 emerging queer artists aged 16 to 25 from across the UK, Europe and Canada as they reflect on their personal experiences as LGBTQIA+ young people and investigate the queer history of their home countries.

This hour-long performance features monologues, poetry and songs knitted together to create one queer celebration for LGBTQIA+ history month. Each artist reflected on their own journeys of self-discovery and strength as well as investigating the ‘queeroes’ of the past.

As a virtual collective they explored the power of ‘queer joy’ and how they each felt strength in celebrating the joy of self-expression and self-acceptance felt by LGBTQIA+ people in the past and the present.

The performance includes personal moments of coming out, experimenting with gender expression, stories about lesbian pirates, queer facts about Robin Hood, spotlights on key moments of queer victories in the western world and finding community.

Created by Emma Barr with support from Prime Theatre and Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

Sound Designer and Composer Ben Occhipinti

This project is funded by Creative Scotland’s Four Nations Fund.

Queer There and Everywhere 2024 Image