Last Christmas - Strange Town 2023
Fri 15 Dec 2023: 6:30PM
— Dec 16th 2023

Strange Town: Last Christmas

Scottish Storytelling Centre

43-45 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR

Prices: £10 | £8

(Fri 15 December 2023, 6.30pm & Sat 16 December 2023, 8.30pm)

Christmas 2063: the teenage crew of the Starship Abandoner have departed from their burning world for the last time – but never mind that! Time to set your phasers to fun as Christmas is just around the corner!

Whilst searching for a new home in the stars, everyone’s very excited for turkey-flavoured gelatine substitutes and a Taylor Swift hologram handing out presents on the lido deck.

But when communications are cut and main power goes down, it’s up to the crew of the lower decks to re-establish control of the ship, all whilst dodging the controlling antics of privileged and pampered passengers, some cheeky aliens with a fondness for the 90s and a mysterious rabbity foe.

A Sci-Fi Christmas farce with a heart for home. Performed by Strange Town 11-14 group (Fridays). Written by Poppy Hope Smith and directed by Amy Wilson.

Strange Town