(Social) Distance Learning: Some CPD Ideas

We were asked at our first freelancer check-in for a quick list of suggestions for upskilling ourselves during this… lull in activities, shall we say? We appreciate that people may have other priorities right now, especially freelancers, but here’s a quick list of interesting free CPD we could find that might be of interest for youth theatre practitioners, those running companies etc, that you can dip in and out of, if you’re interested.

You should also check out the i-develop service (part of the CLD Standards Council for Scotland), which aims to support creative and innovative learning and development for Community Learning and Development practitioners.

Some of the things in our list below will be in your comfort zone, some things perhaps not, but might be a nice new skill to learn (we’re definitely not suggesting that you should know all of this either…!). So, we’ve broken them down into providers rather than topic areas, because who knows what might spark an idea?

Check the main headers too – there are HUNDREDS of other courses! This is just our quick list of ‘Ah-Ha! That Sounds Interesting’ things…

If we’ve missed anything awesome, please let us know.

Open Learn from the Open University

Future Learn




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